The Cutest Lion Wall Decor

Designer: Marcia Izabel Marchiori

YouTube: MarciaBel Vlog  

Instagram: @marciabel



Welcome back to our Craft For Kids Series!


The summer is almost over, but there’s always time for crafts, and this wall decoration is so easy & fun to make! It is SO cute :-) and very versatile, as you can create your own color scheme as well.


Let’s make it!



Tools & Supplies:




Begin by creating a circle using the cardboard. For this step you have two options: the first one, an adult can help making a circle using OLFA CMP-3 Rotary Circle Cutter:



The second option is using a plate to draw a circle on the cardboard and, after that, cut it out using your OLFA ESK-1 Beginner Craft Knife.




After, punch evenly spaced holes all around the edge of the circle, 1/4” apart.



With a pencil, sketch the face of the lion and finish at your own taste and creativity!

Here I am using construction paper to make the snout, a black marker for the eyes & mouth, and red colored pencil for the cheeks:






With the Beginner Craft Knife, cut 6 ½” x 1” strips out of the fabric scraps and even twine. Then, alternating colors, you will tie your strips through each hole.


To make it easier to insert the fabric strip through the hole, I’ve disassembled a paper clip to help me get through the hole, but it’s optional and you can insert the strips directly, by twisting the end to make it thin enough to fit through the hole.


Start by folding the strip in half. Place the strip through the first hole, from the top. Once the strip is through, pull the loop apart, and place the loose ends through the loop you created. Pull gently, tying a knot.


Repeat this step all around the circle, always alternating the colors of fabric.







Attach a twine on the back of the lion using adhesive tape (long enough to hang it on the wall).



And voilà! Your lion is ready to hang on the wall!



Please dont forget to tag me @marciabel and @OLFA_craft on your finished projects, we would love to see your decorated room!


Have a fun!



All activities should be supervised by an adult.