Summer Slice & Stitch – Hand Applique

Designer: Cindy Staub
Instagram: @quiltdoodledesigns



We are on the go during the summer and it’s nice to have a project that I can grab to work on during out trip. One of my go to projects is hand applique. It's great to work on an applique block while relaxing on the deck and visiting with my family.


With a little bit of prep time at home you will have a go-to project for vacation or anytime you are away from your sewing room. To get ready for a getaway I gather my supplies that I will need for my applique square.



To begin with I cut my background square for my applique block.



I trace all the applique pieces onto the paper side of the freezer paper and cut them out using a paper scissor. I then iron the freezer paper onto the wrong side of the fabric matching shapes with the different color fabrics. Then I use my OLFA scissors to cut around the applique shape leaving a quarter inch seam allowance.


Next, I wrap the fabric around to the backside and, using my fabric glue stick, I glue the seam allowance in place on the freezer paper. Don’t worry, after you have your shape hand stitched in place on your background square, cut away the excess fabric on the backside, leaving a seam allowance and remove the freezer paper.



After I have all of my applique shapes prepped, I grab my needle case and make sure it’s filled with some needles and flat head pins.



I like to pop all my applique pieces and background block squares into plastic zip bags. It helps me stay organized.



Next, I put everything that I’ll need in a project bag. (Applique shapes, background blocks, OLFA applique scissors, Aurifil 80wt applique thread to match the applique fabrics, needle case with needles and pins).



It’s so much fun to have everything all ready to go! It makes stitching on the fly so easy!





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