Squaring up your quilt with the 6"x18" rotary mat

I've tried a few different ways to square up my quilts without having a large oversized workspace. I generally end up on the floor with a large mat/ruler/cutter combo and move my quilt around as needed. That was until we came out with our 6"x18" rotary mat. 

While squaring up quilts on the floor doesn't work for everyone, it still does for me. 

I laid my quilt out on the floor (be sure to sweep up pet hair first) then slid the 6"x18" mat under the side I was cutting and laid my ruler on top. For this project, I used my 6"x24" ruler so I could cut the full length of the mat. 

Next, I made the first cut the length of the rotary mat then stop and slide the mat/ruler further up the quilt.

I repeated this process until one side was cut. Then move to the other sides of the quilt. 

For this quick tutorial, I used my hallway which required me to rotate the quilt after each side was cut. Had I laid this out in the dining room I could have left the quilt in one spot and moved around it. However, the dog was sleeping in the middle of the floor and I wasn't up for waking him up.

Hopefully, this gives you an alternative for squaring up your quilts easily. This same technique will work on a large workspace or table also.