Slice & Stitch: Oven Mitt/Trivet

Designer: Sarah Gozzo




Oven mitt with several sewing threads and the OLFA CMP-3 Rotary Circle Cutter


Hi! Sarah Gozzo here from Princess In A Pouch Design. I recently had the pleasure of working with Aurifil and OLFA on something really fun. It’s a project focused on quick handmade items for gift giving! This project features OLFA’s circle cutter and Aurifil 50 weight thread from a fabulous new collection by astronaut and quilter, Karen Nyberg called Earth Views.


I’ve designed a multipurpose gift for you! It can be used as both an oven mitt and a trivet! (Shhh…If you have kids you could sew on button eyes and a tongue to make a cute puppet but that’s neither here nor there:) You can do it in less than an hour!


Hand holding oven mitt to grab the lid of a pod





Oven mitt with OLFA 45mm RTY-2/C Quick-Change Rotary Cutter, Aqua

1. Make the main mitt

A. Make a quilt sandwich with 2 fabric squares, 2 batting squares and 1 insulated fleece. It should stack up like this: fabric, batting, insulted fleece, batting then fabric.
B. Use Aurifil 50wt and a straight stitch to quilt lines about 1/4” apart across the entire 10” quilt sandwich. Tight quilting helps to reduce the bulk.
C. Cut! Set OLFA’s circle cutter to the widest setting then cut a perfect circle from your quilted square. Your main mitt is done! Set aside.


Sewing machine cutting fabric to make oven mitt


OLFA CMP-3 Rotary Circle Cutter with oven mitt


2. Make the hand slips
    A. Fuse the SF101 to the back of each remaining fabric squares.
    B. Cut! Set OLFA’s circle cutter to the widest setting then cut a perfect circle from each of your fused fabric squares.
    C. Press! With WST, press each of these fused circles in half.
    D. Use Aurifil 50 at thread to quilt lines about 1/4” apart across each folded circle.


    3. Assemble
      Oven mitt with sewing threads, OLFA CMP-3 Rotary Circle Cutter and OLFA 5-Inch SCS-4 Precision Appliqué Scissors


      Oven mitt with OLFA CMP-3 Rotary Circle Cutter
      A. Align the circle halves on top of the quilted main mitt so the edges perfectly match. Clip in place and tack stitch all the way around very close to the edge.
      B. Attach the bias binding and your gift is ready to give!


      Oven mitt placed under a bowl with two oranges

      I hope you enjoy this quick project! Thanks to Aurifil and OLFA for their fantastic products and thanks to Felicity Greiner @sew_wtf for designing this delicious fabric! Please find me on Instagram @princess_ina_pouch for more inspiration! Be well Quilty Friends!


      Hand using oven mitt to open a pot full of soup


      Just change out your fabric to create an Oven Mitt/Trivet for each season!



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