Scrappy Heart Mug Rug


Designer: Cindy Staub 





Finished size 11 ½” x 12 ½”




This is a great project to use up left over bits and pieces. If you are like me, not a piece of fabric goes to waste! I even have bins that I have storing scraps by color. Go dig thru your remnants and scraps and grab a bunch of creams, whites, pink and red fabrics, the more the merrier. You will also need a 13” x 13” square piece of batting and backing fabric.

You will need an equivalent of ¼ yard of the white scraps and 1/8 yard of the red/pink scrap fabrics. From the white fabric cut 84- 1 ½” x 1 ½” squares. From the red/pink fabric cut 66- 1 ½” x 1 ½” squares



To begin, we will make some half square triangles. Pair together, 1 cream/ white square and 1 red/pink square right sides together. Sew a diagonal line from corner to corner.



Trim away the excess fabric, leaving a ¼” seam. Iron. Make a total of 18 half square triangles.



Following the layout chart for the mug rug, sew the squares and half square triangles together row by row to form the heart design. I find it helpful to lay out the squares and arrange the colors to make sure they are evenly spaced throughout the design.



I like to chain sew the squares together following the chart to make one big chain sewed sheet. I then sew the rows together the other direction without clipping any of the sections apart. Make sure to nest your seams together.



Layer mug rug top, batting and backing.



Quilt as desired.



Using my rotary cutter and OLFA ruler I square my mug rug up.



From the red fabric for the binding, cut 2 strips that are 2 ¼” x the WOF (width of fabric).



Then sew the 2 ¼” strips together end to end. Fold in half lengthwise, iron. Sew around the mug rug lining up the edge of the front side using a ¼” seam. Miter the corners. Fold binding around the outside edge of the Mug rug and hem the binding to the back of the mug rug using a blind stitch.