Lap Quilts Part 1: Rectangle Lap Quilt _ Easy piecing

Designer: Daisi Toegel

Instagram: @daisitoegel



Size or dimensions: Lap size– 46” x 44” finished




This is the first of three lap quilt tutorials of this new series.


It’s getting cold for most of us in the northern hemisphere and the holiday season is fast approaching, so nothing better than warming up (literally) and embracing the moment.


Let’s make quick and easy quilts using large cuts of fabric. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make a rectangle quilt, perfect as a weekend project, great for gifting and just what you needed as a new lap quilt to sit back and enjoy your favorite book while watching the beautiful Fall colors outside.


Let’s get started.


Use ¼” seam allowance, or otherwise noted.

Use FQ, yardage or scrap fabrics


Tools and Supplies Needed:



1. Cutting the fabrics (if using yardage):

Start squaring up your fabric, use the mat lines and ruler measurements to align the edge to be trimmed off, applicable to yardage and fat quarters. If using fabric scraps, just trim around the piece to cut out 6” x 12” pieces.


Repeat this process for all fabrics you’re using (if applicable).



After cutting the strips (each 6” x WOF yields (3) 6” x 12” rectangles), turn each strip vertically (or stack them) and trim off the selvage (or you can trim the selvage using your preferred method).



Align the ruler to cover the area of 6” x 12” and cut the rectangles.



2. Arrange the quilt top layout:

Organize the rectangles in an 8 x 4 grid vertically and arrange the fabrics to your preference. Make sure no same colors are touching.



Sew first the rows with the rectangles side by side vertically and press the seams to the right on row 1 and 3, and press the seams to the left on rows 2 and 4. Then sew the rows together to complete the quilt top, press seams open.



3. Finishing the quilt:

Baste, quilt and sew the binding using your favorite method. I used irregular lines 1/4” far apart.



Congratulations!!! You’ve made your first mini quilt of the series! Don’t forget to come back to check the second mini quilt. We’ll be working on sewing with curved piecing, you don’t want to miss it.



Check out part 2 of this series, here! 


Created by Daisi Toegel