Quilted Mug Cozy

By Erin Kroeker of The Blanket Statement

Finished Size: 2.75” x 10.5”
Skill Level: Confident Beginner

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Hi, I’m Erin! Often known on the internet as The Blanket Statement.

I’m a modern quilter, pattern designer and fibre artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba... and let me tell you, winter here is COLD. I’m talking regularly having days of -40°C (which is also -40°F, by the way)! Plus, we get an average of four feet of snow every year. There is a reason the city is jokingly (but not jokingly) nicknamed “Winterpeg”!



So, I know a thing or two about how to survive the long, dark, frigid winter. Especially how to make it a little bit nicer and a little bit warmer!


Meet the Quilted Cozy – your mug's new BFF! This handmade cutie is all about adding a pop of personality to your sipping sessions.



Picture this: your favorite mug, decked out in a snug, colorful quilted embrace. Whether you're enjoying a steaming cup of morning coffee, a calming herbal tea in the afternoon, or a comforting hot chocolate in the evening, this cozy keeps your drink hot, hands warm and looks cute to boot!


Easy to pop on and off with a button closure, this cozy is a tiny, handmade hug that makes for a perfect gift that’s easy to personalize with fabric and embellishments! Seriously, it’s a great scrap busting project!



Tools Needed:

Fabric & Supplies Needed:

  • Main Fabric
    • (1) 1.25” x 31”
    • (1) 3.25” x 11”
  • Accent Fabric
    • (1) 1.25” x 31”
  • Lining Fabric (won’t be seen)
    • 3.75” x 11.5”
  • (1) 3.5” x 11.25” piece of batting
  • (1) 5” piece of elastic cord
  • (1) button



  1. Cut all pieces according to the Fabric & Supplies chart listed above.

TIP! The 6”x24” Frosted Ruler is great for long cuts.



  1. Place the (2) 1.25” x 31” strips right sides together. Sew along the long edge using a ¼" seam allowance. Press seam open.



  1. Sub-cut into (7) 4.25” segments.

TIP! I like to use the 6”x12” Frosted Ruler for sub-cutting. Additionally, I like to place the 9”x12” Double-Sided, Self-Healing mat right beside my machine for easy access.



  1. Sew the rows together, RST, alternating the main fabric with the accent fabric.



  1. Press seams open.



  1. Sub-cut 1.5” in from each long side.



  1. Rotate the centre strip to create an alternating, checkered effect.



  1. Sew centre strip to one side strip, RST, with ¼" seam allowance. Take your time to carefully pin and line up the seams. Press open.
  2. Sew the remaining side strip, RST, in the same manner. Press open.



  1. Layer your Lining fabric (right side down), then batting, then pieced top (right side up). Baste together using your method of choice.

TIP! I like to use spray baste, but pin basting is also a great option.



  1. Quilt as desired!

TIP! I used two different colours of thread to create a plaid inspired look!



  1. Sew 1/8” seam around the edge of your quilted panel to secure the quilting.
  2. Trim off excess backing and batting. (Piece should measure 3.25” x 11”)



  1. Cut a 5” piece of elastic (or corresponding length for your mug).



  1. Forming a loop, place the elastic on a short edge of quilted panel. Ensure the elastic is sitting on top of the panel, with the cut edges protruding from the edge (approx. ¼").
  2. Baste the elastic in place, 1/8” from the edge.



  1. Place the remaining piece of the Main Fabric (3.25” x 11”), RST, with the quilted panel. Pin in place leaving a 3” opening on a long side. This is how you will turn the cozy right side out.



  1. Stitch a ¼" seam allowance around the perimeter, starting and stopping on the long side, leaving the 3” opening. Remember to backstitch! It’s also good idea to backstitch over the elastic 3-4 times for strength!



  1. Snip off the corners to reduce the bulk once turned right side out. Make sure you don’t cut through your stitches!



  1. Now turn the cozy right side out, through the opening. You can use a point turner (or end of a pencil) to push out the points to achieve crisp corners.



  1. Press the entire cozy, especially around the edge seams. When you reach the opening, press the seam allowance on the quilt top and the backing to the inside by a ¼" to create a seam allowance.



  1. Pin the opening closed.



  1. Top stitch 1/8” around the entire perimeter of the cozy. Ensure your stitches capture the quilt top and backing to secure the opening is closed.



  1. Test the cozy around your favourite mug. Determine and mark the best location for the button.
  2. Sew button in place with your method of choice.



  1. Now give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your favourite hot beverage because you did it! I would LOVE to see your Quilted Cozy, so when you make one, make sure to tag me @theblanketstatement!