Pie Carrier

Designer: Amanda Brown

Instagram: @myfabricheart

Skill level: Beginner



Size or dimensions: Fits a 10” pie

Skill level: Beginner

Description: Summer is the time for delicious fruity harvests. This pie carrier will help transport your homemade (or not so homemade) pies in style. Makes a great gift for the host of your next bb





  • (2) 19” x WOF Quilting Cotton
  • 19” square Heavy Weight Stabilizer
  • 19” Quilt Batting
  • 46” one inch cotton webbing
  • Thread






** If you add an opening to the video the times below will need to be adjusted


Key Moments:


(0:15) Tools & Materials



(1:12) Cutting Instructions

  • (2) 19” Squares from quilting cotton
  • (1) 19” Square from quilt batting and heavy weight stabilizer



(1:42) Assembling Square

  • Layer pieces of quilting cotton with right sides facing and add the quilt batting on top
  • Stitch 1/4” around the perimeter leaving 3” open for turning
  • Turn right side out and stop stitch

(2:47) Base support

  • Cut out (2) circles of quilting cotton with the Rotary Circle Cutter set to the largest size
  • Cut out (1) circle from heavy weight stabilizer with Rotary Circle Cutter set to 4.25”


(5:18) Attaching Handles

  • Center the webbing diagonally on the square
  • Fold excess under and attach this excess along the diagonal to secure the handle


(6:38 ) Attach Bottom Support

  • Center support on the square covering the raw edges of the strap and stitch in place


(6:59) Add Button Holes

  • Create a button hole on each corner that doesn’t have the strap attached
  • Place button hole on a 45 degree angle close to the corner