Designer: Sarah Gozzo


Instagram: @princess_ina_pouch

Finished Size: 16.5"



A mini quilt series with OLFA and Sarah Gozzo from Princess In A Pouch





  • Two 1.5”x6.5” strips sashing
  • One 5”x13.5” strip sashing
  • Two 2.25”x13.5” border strip
  • Two 2.25”X 17” border strip
  • One 18” square backing fabric
  • One 18” square cotton batting
  • Two 1.75”xWOF binding fabric



  1. Prepare (4) 6.5” blocks. 

For this Patriotic Mini Quilt, please print and make 2 ‘Flag’ and 2 ‘Sparkler’ foundation paper pieces patterns found here: Flag and Sparkler Templates

Use OLFA’s 6.5” frosted ruler to square them up.



2. Arrange the Flag and Sparkler blocks as shown. Sew a 1.5”x6.5” sashing strip between 2 prepared 6.5” blocks.
Repeat for second set of prepared 6.5” blocks. Use a hot steamy iron to press the seams toward the sashing to lay flat.


3. Sew a 1.5”x13.5” sashing lengthwise  between the two previously sewn sets of blocks. This completed block should measure 13.5” square.


4. Sew a 2.25”x13.5” border strip to both sides of your 13.5” block.


5. Sew a 2.25”x17” border strip to the top and bottom of your block.



6. Make a quilt sandwich. Fuse the fleece to the backing then smooth the completed block on top.

Alternatively, layer the cotton batting in between the completed block and the backing. I like to use temporary basting spray instead of pins to secure the layers for the next step.


7. Quilt simply. I used a wide wavy machine stitch. Once quilting is complete, use OLFA’s 16.5” frosted ruler to square up and trim away the excess of your beautiful mini quilt. Your finished quilted block should measure 16.5” square.



8. Bind. Sew the 2 binding strips together and use my binding technique seen here: Binding Technique Short