Paper 101 Series - Tools

Marcia Izabel Marchiori of Minois Handmade
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I am so excited to present a Paper 101 Series where I’ll be guiding you through useful information and some fun-to-make tutorials - I am sure you’re going to fall in love with this ancient and very versatile material that you can easily find almost anywhere in the world!


A Little Bit Of My Love Story With Paper


It’s impossible to say exactly when I fell in love with making things with paper, but I remember having something to do with the beautiful handmade cards my grandmother used to receive every year from a friend. The first I can remember was from the Christmas Holidays, I especially got very thrilled with the glitter carefully poured on the beautiful smooth vellum paper. I liked it so much that grandma gave it to me (I still have it!) and, at some point, I decided to make cards myself for every occasion I could find!


OLFA Tools Needed for Crafting


From there I discovered that paper can be the main source for a fancy project for sure, but the most amazing thing is that with a few right tools for the job you can make the most simple, beautiful and interesting projects!


OLFA Tools Needed for Crafting with OLFA Graphic Knife


Basic Tools


There are a few important tools that make paper craft a snap, which are intended to make the process easier, but still keeping the personalized handmade signature you want as an artist. With these basic tools, you’ll see endless possibilities for things to make, and in my next posts you will learn a little more about materials (paper works great as a mixed medium!), how do I plan for my projects and last, but not least, we’ll have a tour of my studio, and you can see how I organize all my tools, materials and stuff.


So let’s talk about tools first!




One of the characteristics I value the most in a ruler when designing my projects or cutting paper is a non-slip backing. Also, I love that you can see through the OLFA Frosted Acrylic rulers, as I’m always able to visualize the entire project when using the ruler because of their clear properties. And with the printed grid, the accuracy and precision are perfect. Another tool I use frequently is my metal ruler with a cork backing, specially when I’m using my snap-off craft/utility knives.


OLFA Tools Needed for Crafting


Some of the rulers I use:





OLFA Tools Lineup Needed for Crafting Including OLFA Scissors


It’d be ideal to keep at least two different sizes at hand: a 5 or 7-inch blade to cut longer lengths, and another one with a smaller precision blade, to be used for any detailed cutting tasks. OLFA offers you the two most important kinds of scissors you’ll need.


I’ve had several scissors in my life, but what impresses me the most about the OLFA ones, apart of their excellent quality, is that all of them are exceptionally sturdy, and they are meant for use on almost any type of material, from lightweight to heavy-duty, or even cutting multiple layers at once.



Also, it’s a plus to have some fringe/decorative scissors too, as you can find plenty of ways to decorate your projects.



Rotary Cutters / Art & Utility Knives


OLFA Tools Needed for Crafting Including OLFA Cutters and OLFA Mat


There are plenty of different cutting tools for arts & crafts, and the type you are going to use depends on the material and thickness of the paper, as well on the detail and accuracy you plan on having for your project.


My favorite ones for cutting straight longer lengths are the rotary cutters, as you will just have to easily slide it through the paper (and, depending on the material and blade size, cutting multiple layers at once!), having a pristine cut. These are some of my faves:

Rotary Cutters:



  • Use OLFA Circle Cutter to easily make circles;
  • To give some pizzazz to your design, try these decorative blades as well, they are so fun and the cutting finish is impressive:


OLFA Tools Needed for Crafting Including OLFA Cutters and OLFA Mat



For precision works I prefer to use these graphic & art knives:


Cutting Mats


Another essential - and wise - tool to protect your work area and to increase the durability of your blades. For my projects I use two types: the self-healing ones intended to be used with rotary cutters and the translucent or folding mat to be used with my art & utility knives.


OLFA Tools Needed for Crafting Including OLFA Mat



These is the main set, but here’s a list of other useful tools to be used with paper crafts:


OLFA Tools Needed for Crafting Including OLFA Cutters and OLFA Mat


  1. Decorative (basic shapes like circles, hearts, etc) and hole punches
  2. Bone Folder: by scoring the paper you will have the perfect line for making folds and creases
  3. Scoring Board, will help you to have crisp and clean fold
  4. Basic Sewing Kit, and wire cutters/pliers
  5. Paint Brushes
  6. Drawing tools (pencil, erasers, etc)
  7. Clamps for securing items together
  8. Sewing Machine ( I do LOVE to sew on paper!)
  9. Glue Gun and/or adhesive tapes
  10. Measuring Tape


Thank you and see you on my next post for the Paper 101 Series!

Happy Crafting!