OLFA Experts Toolbox - Randa Roberts

OLFA Expert Randa Roberts has a unique toolbox because she recycles many items, especially abandoned leather sofas, into useful and practical pieces. Upcycle because it's a constant challenge to repurpose and come up with design ideas. Leather is her favourite material to work with since it's so durable and has usually had a long life before she get it, and then she gives it a whole new purpose. To take something that you're not using, and turn it into something beautiful, and useful, is empowering. Here are the tools she uses every day in her work.

My most favourite OLFA tools that I use to strip a couch:

OLFA  CHN-1 Chenille/Textile Cutter OLFA 9mm SAC-1 Stainless Steel Graphics Knife OLFA  7-Inch SCS-2 Serrated-Edge Stainless Steel Scissors

Most useful tools for taking apart leather jackets: OLFA 60mm RTY-3/G Straight Handle Rotary Cutter is amazing to lop off jacket sleeves and thicker leather.

Other must-have tools:

Wonderclips! These little clips are so easy to grab and use fast, and since you can't use pins on leather, these clips are like my third hand.

Double sided tape: I use every day! it's also a third hand when i need to secure small pieces before they get sewn, and I reach for it often when I'm working on long straps.

I use cereal boxes to create templates from! When I download a new pattern to try, I glue the printed paper to a cereal box before I cut it out. Or, I create a template using my own designs on a cereal box.

Side cutters for cutting down zippers for custom designs. I use these all the time! I purchased mine at a home improvement store.

Also LOVE my leather punch - here is the exact one I purchased and it works great.

My rubber mallet for rivet setting is from a great leather supply store in Hamilton, Ontario. Here's their link: https://tundraleather.ca/products/tools/ they also sell and use OLFA at their shop and on their social media!

Take a look at each of the tools Randa uses daily. They correspond to her toolbox photos.

  1. 60mm RTY-3/G Straight Handle Rotary Cutter  
  2. 45mm RTY-2/C Quick-Change Rotary Cutter, Aqua  
  3. 28mm RTY-1/C Quick-Change Rotary Cutter  
  4. 18mm RTY-4 Quick-Change Rotary Cutter  
  5. AK-1/5B Graphic Art Knife with 5 Replacement Blades  
  6. CMP-3 Rotary Circle Cutter  
  7. 7-Inch SCS-2 Serrated-Edge Stainless Steel Scissors  
  8. 5-Inch SCS-1 Serrated-Edge Stainless Steel Scissors  
  9. Poly Mallet
  10. Leather punch   
  11. Small anvil and setter for rivets
  12. Chalk pen
  13. White eraser
  14. Double sided leather tape
  15. Flat head screw driver
  16. STANLEY FatMax 8-inch High-Leverage Angled Cutting Pliers
  17. Needle nose pliers
  18. QR-6x12 6" x 12" Frosted Acrylic Ruler  
  19. QR-4S 4 1/2" Square Frosted Acrylic Ruler  
  20. QR-6S 6 1/2" Square Frosted Acrylic Ruler  
  21. QR-6x24 6" x 24" Frosted Acrylic Ruler  
  22. Small craft and sewing clips

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