OLFA Expert Collab: Autumn Wreath Part 2 of 3

Designer: Randa Roberts

Part 2 - Making the Autumn Leaves

Hello, Randa here! Im so excited to share my part in our Team Canada collab for OLFA Craft.

and Amanda are so fun to work with; were all fans of each other and Marcias concept was immediately agreed upon. Once we agreed on the colour-way, I went sorting through my big bin of upcycled leather scraps, and delighted in finding everything I needed.

emailed me her digital template for the leaves, which I took and transferred to card stock and cut out using my OLFA Beginner Craft Knife.
Other Materials:
Floral wire
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Double-sided tape

loved this colourful excuse to use my brand new 45mm OLFA Rotary Cutter by BeeLori. Talk about #fallvibes

I definitely got the easy project here; two simple curved cuts with my rotary cutter, strait cut across the bottom, repeat for as many leaves as youd like for your project.

used a glue gun to secure the folded leaves to floral wire. The hot glue liked to adhere to the thinner leather, but not the thicker, so I used some double sided tape on those.

to the magic of group chats, we were able to show each other our progress in real time even when life was busy. The girls thought I had the perfect amount of leaves, so I packed them up securely and mailed them to Marcia and Amanda to turn into this lovely collaborative piece that were all very proud of.

Thank you OLFA for putting us together for this one!