Making a T-Shirt

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle




A t-shirt is a necessity in the wardrobe! There are so many different styles of t-shirts from your basic T, to more trendy fashionable types. I like to add a little flare to the basic t-shirt so I decided to create a versatile pattern by Simplicity with several construction options. Follow along with my step-by step tutorial and create your own. 

*For this pattern I used Simplicity Pattern S9645 view B which consist of six pieces.



Materials and Tools Needed:



* Use your OLFA cutting tools to cut out the six pattern pieces.





  1. Stitch/Serge front (1) to yoke front (2) matching notches and large dots. Press seam up.



  1. Repeat step 1 for back (3) and yoke back (4).



  1. With right sides facing pin shoulder seams of front and back together matching notches. Stitch/Serge.





  1. Stitch/Serge the center back seam of neckband (5).



  1. Fold neckband in half with wrong sides together; Press. Pin



  1. With right sides facing and raw edges even, match centers, small dots and notches of neckband to the shirt collar. Pin.



  1. Stitch/Serge with ⅜ seam stretching band to fit.



  1. Turn neckband and shirt front side out. Press neckband seam down. Topstitch neckband seam close to seam line.



  1. With front sides faces pin front to back at side seams, matching large dots and lower hemmed edges. Stitch/Serge.





  1. Create gathering stitches between sleeve notches, along the seam line using a long machine-stitch.



  1. With right sides faces fold arm seams over matching notches. Pin. Stitch/Serge underarm seam of sleeve.



  1. Turn sleeve right side out. With right sides facing, pin sleeve to armhole edge matching centers and dots. Pull gathers to fit. Pin. Stitch. Trim seam allowance close to stitching.





  1. To hem arms and shirt press up on hem on lower edge of sleeve and shirt. Stitch or zig zag.



Once you have finished your hems your t-shirt is complete. Happy Styling!