Make An Organza Apron With Me

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle




Aprons can be functional and fashionable! Here is a cool spin on the classic apron that's a cool piece for the holidays too.



Materials and Tools Needed:



*Go ahead and cut your pieces!




  • Bib- 2/ 10x10
  • Skirt 1/ 56 x 36 (1 yard)


  • Waistband-2/ 5x29
  • Top binding- 2.5 x10
  • Straps-2/ 2.5 x 30
  • Waist straps- 2/ 5 x 32
  • Pocket- 6 x 5



  1. Follow Flat pocket making instructions to create you bib pocket.



  1. On right side of one of your organza bibs. Pin pocket. Edge stitch.



  1. Place the second organza bib as lining behind the bib with the pocket. Line up edges. Pin. Baste pieces together.



  1. With the right sides together line up the long edge of top binding to top raw edge of bib. Pin. Stitch.



  1. Press seam, pressing top binding up and over. On the wrong side fold raw edge of top binding over ¼ inch.



  1. Press binding over the seam allowance, lining up seam with folded edge.



  1. From the right side stitch in the ditch catching folded edge on the wrong side. Press binding.



  1. Apply your straps to the side edges of bib.With the right sides together line up the long edge of strap to side raw edge of bib. Pin. Stitch.



  1. With right sides together fold the strap in half lengthwise matching raw edges. Starting at the corner and strap meet, pin and stitch strap around open edges. Trim.



  1. Use a turning tool to turn straps right side out. Press. Pressing ¼ inch over



  1. With wrong sides together press over the remaining strap over seam allowance. Pin.



  1. From the right side top stitch continues all the way up the strap. Repeat for both straps.



  1. Next, with the right sides together, pin the waistband to lower the raw edge of bib matching middle notches (middle can be determined by folding the waistband and bib in half).



  1. Stitch waist band to bib.



  1. Finish the sides and hem of your apron skirt using a roll hem foot.



  1. With right sides facing Line up the raw ends of the skirt with the bottom of the waistband.



  1. Use spacing to gauge how big you want to form pleats. Create pleats across the top of the skirt until it fits the waistband. Pin. Stitch.



  1. Fold waistband straps lengthwise, sew edges leaving one end open to turn. Topstitch.



  1. With raw ends lined up baste waist straps to the end of the waistband.



  1. With skirt sandwiched between both waistbands, the remaining waistband right side facing the wrong side of the skirt. Line up the raw edges of the waistband. Pin seam and sides leaving top open to turn.



  1. Stitch along sandwiched edges and sides. sides in. Press.



  1. Close top of waistband with top stitch.


Voila Your Done!