Make Adorable Summer Shorts

Designer: Marcia Spencer





Shorts are a summer must! These Paper Bag shorts are a great look for summer and super easy to create. I used Mood Fabrics Free Paper Bag sewing pattern to create these adorable summer shorts. Follow along to see just how I created them.



Materials and Tools Needed:



* Print and prepare your PDF pattern & cut out the pieces using your OLFA cutting tools and mat.



Cut the Fabric Pieces



  1. Using your OLFA Tools cut the fabric using your PDF pattern pieces.





  1. Finish the sides of your pockets prior to sewing with a serger of overlock stitch on your machine.



  1. Wrong sides together, fold the top edge of your pockets over ¼ inch. Press.


  1. Right sides together, fold edge over 1”. Press.



  1. Stitch folded edge down ⅜ inch from raw edge.



  1. Clip corners seams with your OLFA Scissors.



  1. Turn folded edge right side out, folding finished edges in ¼ inch. Press.



  1. With wrong side of pocket facing right side of back leg, place your pocket 4 ¼” from the side edge and 7 ¼” form the top edge. Pin.



9. Edge stitch the pockets on to the back of the leg, around the sides and bottom, close to the folded edge.



Sewing the Garment



10. With right sides together pin back leg and front leg together at inner seam.



11. Stitch ⅜ inch seam allowance



12. Bring crotch edges together, right sides facing, matching back leg seams and matching front leg seams. Pin the crotch.



13. Stitch.



14. With right sides together match front to back, lining up side seams and top edges. Pin.



15. Stitch

16. Complete on both sides.





17. Wrong sides facing, turn top edge down ¼”. Press.



18. Wrong sides facing, fold top edge over again 2 ½”. Press.



19. Stitch leaving 1” opening in back for elastic.



20. Stitch around again ½” from first stitch line.



21. Cut your elastic the length of your waist circumference plus 1”.



22. Pin safety pin to one end of the elastic.



23. Thread safety pin through waistband opening and work all the way through by hand.



*(before sewing elastic ends, pin the ends and check for fit. You can cut any excess elastic.)


24. Stitch ends of elastic ⅝ inch from the edge



25. Fold elastic seam over onto itself. Pin. Stitch down through all thickness close to elastic edge.



26. Stitch waistband opening closed.





27. Wrong sides facing, turn edge pf leg opening up ¼”. Press.



28. Wrong sides facing, fold bottom edge up again ½”. Press.



29. Stitch.





30. With right side together and raw edges matching, fold belt in half lengthwise. Press. Pin.



31. Stitch along the short edges and the length of the raw edge leaving ⅜ seam allowance. Leave about 2” opening in the middle to turn belt.



32. Turn belt. Press. Stitch opening.



Voila! You’re done!