Make a Vest with me!

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle




Vests are not new to the fashion scene but they have been trending lately and I've been wanting to create one for a while now. It's such a great piece to add to your wardrobe to spice up your look. For this tutorial I will be using New look Pattern 6914  View D to create a easy yet stylish vest to add to my wardrobe.



Materials and Tools Needed:



*Cut all pieces needed for view D and Apply interfacing before sewing.




Sew A Vest



  1. Stay stitch the front & back neck edges.



  1. Ease stitch between the notches of the front sections.
  2. Right sides together pin front to side front matching the notches and pulling the ease stitches to fit.



  1. Stitch.
  2. Press seam towards center.



Mock Welt Pocket



  1. Right sides together, fold welt in half lengthwise matching dots.



  1. Stitch ends. Trim



  1. Turn welts right side out. Press
  2. Baste raw edge.



  1. On right side of vest, pin welt in place between dots & welt line.



  1. Stitch welt to vest along basting line. Trim raw edges of welt.



  1. Press welt up. Topstitch the ends to the vest.





  1. Right sides together fold belt in half lengthwise.



  1. Stitch ⅜ “ seam allowance around belt leaving end with dots open.
  2. Trim the belt seams.



  1. Turn right side out. Press.



  1. Topstitch belt close to finished edge.



  1. Feed finished end of belt through center of belt buckle leaving 1” of finished end on the underside of the buckle.



  1. Stitch finished end close to the edge to secure in place.



  1. On the right side of the back of vest, match raw edges of belts to the small and large dots with raw edges even.
  2. Stitch across the ends of the belts.



Continue Sewing Vest



  1. Right side together pin back to sides and shoulders ends matching notches. Pin. Stitch.



  1. Stitch lining together the same as main vest.



  1. Right sides together, pin lining to vest matching centers and shoulder seams.



  1. Stitch. Trim seams and clip curves.



  1. Understitch armhole edge of lining.



  1. Right sides together, pin the lining to the vest again matching notches and seams and raw edges even. Pin.
  2. Stitch the lining to the vest around the edges leaving the side seams open.Trim seams and corners.



  1. Turn vest right side out through side seams. Press seams and edges flat.



  1. Right side together and raw edges even, pin the sides of vest and the lining sides at the opening.



  1. Stitch the sides as far as you can go.
  2. Slip stitch the remaining lining opening.
  3. Repeat on other side.



  1. Topstitch the front neck, front edges and lower front edges only.
  2. Create your button hole on the right front of vest and sew your button on the left front of your vest.



Voila Your Done!