Make a Summer Sarong with Me

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle



It's summertime and a lot of us are adding pieces to our swimwear collection whether it be DIY or handmade. Here is a quick DIY for a swimsuit coverup that can add to your swimwear looks this summer.


Tool & Supplies needed:

1 ¾ yards or 40’ X 64” piece of fabric of your choice (swimwear fabrics, drapey fabrics like chiffon, rayon fabrics suggested)



Olfa 24 X 36 Self Healing Rotary Mat

Olfa 45mm Quick Change Rotary Cutter

Olfa 5 Inch Serrated Edge Scissors


Cutting & Prep

  1. My fabric was originally 2 yards so I cut it to 64”. If your fabric is larger than suggested you will need to use your Olfa Cutting tool to cut 40’ X 64”.
  2. Then fold it in half so that it measures 40” x 32”

  1. Trim the bottom edge of the rectangle (the loose end) to a curve,

  1. Bring the curve towards the edges diagonally ending at the top right edges of the fabric.



Sewing Instructions

  1. Make a narrow hem along the edge of the fabric by folding the raw edges of fabric over ¼ onto the wrong side.(If your fabric does not fray, you can also opt. To fold it over once and zig zag stitch or overstitch at the edge). You can also serge or use Olfa Pinking Blade on the edges of your sarong.
  2. If your fabric takes a little heat, you can press it.


  1. around the side edge.


  1. Continue around the bottom curved edge of your fabric ad along the opposite side.


  1. Fold over again as you stitch the hem close to the folded or raw edge of the fold.


  1. Continue around the entire skirt,, paying special attention at the curved edge and stopping at the top edge.

  1. Press under the top edge from corner to corner the same as the rest of the skirt.
  2. Stitch the top edge of fabric turning under ¼” again as you stitch.
  3. Press with the iron or pressing tool.

  1. Now it's ready to wear!


You can wear this sarong around the waist or around the top of your body! If you decide to create a longer version of this sarong you can also tie it around the neck like a halter cover-up!