Lifeguard Stand Layered Paper Sculpture

Guest Designer: Margery McDonnell


Instagram: @couperspaperart

Dimensions: 8x10”

Skill Level: Intermediate



It’s summertime and I’ve got the beach on my mind!  Follow along with me as I show you how to make this layered paper sculpture of a lifeguard stand!



Tools needed:

Additional Supplies:



Step 1: Print (4) pages of the Layers 1-4 file, and (4) pages of the Layers 5-8 file.



Step 2: Trim off the outside edge of your pages (along the outer line) to cut your pages down to 8x10”.



Step 3: Start cutting!  Using your OLFA No. 11 AK-4 Art Knife, cut layer #1.  Leave just the sections labeled 1, as in the photo above.  For your next paper, cut layer 2, leaving the areas labeled 1 and 2.  Then cut layer 3, leaving the areas labeled 1, 2, and 3.  Repeat like this for all 8 layers!



Step 4: Time to take a step back! This photo shows you what 8 layers looks like, but you can also print and cut additional layers to build more dimension in your paper sculpture.



Step 5: Using your glue pen, glue all over the printed side of layer 1, then affix layer 2 to it.  Then repeat - glue all over the printed side of layer 2 with your glue pen and affix layer 3 to it.  Repeat until you’ve glued all of your layers together!



Step 6: Glue a plain sheet of 8x10” cardstock to the back, printed side of your layered paper sculpture.



Step 7: Place into your 8x10” shadowbox, with a mat on top if you choose!



Don’t be afraid to try out cardstock, frames, or mats in different colors!  Check out how adorable this paper sculpture looks in blush tones!





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