Life is in the stitching

A few weeks back while scrolling Instagram I came across the beautiful work of Kianga Jinkki @kianga_art. Then, like often happens on the internet, I ended up on her website / blog looking around and came across a post titled 'Life is in the stitching'. As I happen to love hand stitching I had to read more and instantly knew this needed to be shared. With Kianga's permission we are sharing this beautiful post. Enjoy!


Kianga Jinaki – doll maker, quilter, mixed-media artist

"I like stitching by hand. There’s something to love about pushing needle through cloth, creating a textile Moris code of long and short dashes with a few curves thrown in for good measure.  It takes so much longer than using the sewing machine, that doesn’t bother me though. As a process it’s very quiet so my mind and imagination are free to soar. Without the mechanical buzz of the sewing machine I can add a layer of music to the background or listen to my favorite podcasts. In the early years of my stitching I would try very hard to make perfect stitches. You know the kind, where the length of each stitch is exactly the same and so is the space between each one as well. Chasing the moving target of perfection would have me pulling out whole rows of stitching which only serve to make things take even longer. Then one day I decided to accept each stitch that I created along the way most of the time :-). The more I create the less and less revisions of my stitching is needed. I can look at the whole piece that I’m working on and see each stitch as a beautiful note in the song I am creating with cloth. A note that fits in just as it is."

The original post can be found here.