Let's get right to the point about OLFA scissors!

Since their invention almost 4000 years ago, makers have been searching for one thing ...  the perfect pair of scissors! Most people have many pairs in their toolbox that have failed to live up to their expectations. Until now! We know from use that our OLFA scissors are the best on the market.


OLFA 5-Inch SCS-4 Precision Appliqué Scissors - these scissors are designed for intricate cuts. Thin and super sharp at the point, they are ultra-sharp right up to the base. Large finger holes let you comfortably reposition your hand to give you the most leverage per cut. Because of the reinforced stainless-steel rivet, it's tough enough to cut through heavy materials - up to six layers of fabric! Use it for cutting shapes from paper, fabric or wool for applique, or just to keep at your sewing machine to snip threads. It's one you'll reach for over and over again. (Buy a back up pair!)




OLFA 5-Inch SCS-1 Serrated-Edge Stainless Steel Scissors - there's power in every cut with this scissors when you need both strength and leverage. With consistent sharpness to the base of the handle, one blade includes a serrated edge that helps the scissors grip the material to be cut. A blunt blade tip keeps you safe. Some of the astonishing materials it can cut include fiberglass, aluminum, linoleum, or Kevlar®. Not to mention sewing fabric and paper. It can go from cutting out a small garment pattern to leather for a tote bag without a hitch. It is so versatile!


OLFA 7-Inch SCS-2 Serrated-Edge Stainless Steel Scissors - similar to our 5" scissors, this has the same features only 2" longer. The lightweight ABS plastic handles allow precision cutting with either left or right hands. These scissors are handy in the workroom, art room, or the kitchen because of their ability to cut through the heaviest materials. Several of our OLFA Experts use it to cut leather for their projects!

With OLFA scissors, there's no reason to hide them away as the 'good' scissors! Keep them in the junk drawer so the family can use them - or in the kitchen for opening packages and bags of food, to snip herbs, and cut out recipes - or in the garden for deadheading flowers and shaping plants - or in the workshop for cutting thick materials, trimming sandpaper, making plastic templates. So many ways to use them! These hardworking scissors have been designed for every day use. You won't find anything better!