How to Make Welt Pockets

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle




There are quite a few ways to create a clean neat welt pocket. In this tutorial I will share the method that I find to be the most effective and painless method to create welt pockets for your garment. This method is quick and pretty easy for beginners also!



Materials and Tools Needed:



Welt Pocket



  1. Using the OLFA ruler and marking pencil, mark the pocket seams ⅜ from edge of pocket and make the welt opening 1 inch from the top edge.



  1. Place the welt pocket to the right side of the garment. Pin.



  1. Stitch pocket to garment along the welt pocket opening.



  1. Using your marking tool and OLFA ruler mark the cutting lines in the middle of the pocket opening.



  1. Using your OLFA scissors cut the opening of the welt pocket. Stopping about ½ inch from the stitching.



  1. Clip diagonally to the corners of the pocket opening being careful not to cut the stitching.



  1. Trim the seams and Turn the pocket in through the opening. Press the edges flat.



  1. One the wrong side fold the pocket bag to the top edge of the pocket. Press.



  1. Pin in place.



  1. On the right side edge stitch around the sides and bottom of the welt pocket to secure.



  1. On the wrong side, fold the bottom of the pocket to the top edge of the welt pocket. Pin. Press.



  1. Stitch along the edges of the welt pocket leaving the garment free


  1. On the right side, edge stitch the top edge of the welt pocket being sure not to stitch the welt pocket flap.



  1. Your welt pocket is secure and complete!



Until Next Time!