How to make versatile cosplay leggings!

 Designer: Jedimanda



You’d be surprised how many cosplayers wear leggings either under their big gowns or massive armor. It also seems like a lot of supersuits out there are using some type of tight pant too. I’m going to show you my favorite pattern and tips to make yourself a set of leggings for any cosplay.

Skill level: Beginner

OLFA 45mm RTY-2/NS Quick-Change Rotary Cutter

OLFA NCM-L 24" X 36" 3mm Double-Sided, Self-Healing Cutting Mat


Pattern: Simplicity 8212 or your chosen legging pattern
2 yards of 4 way stretch material
1 yard of 3” wide elastic
Matching thread
Sewing Machine
Stretch or ball point needles for your sewing machine
Matches or lighter to burn and seal the elastic edges

NOTE: I am using a store-bought pattern from Simplicity to cut out pattern making that I would have done. If you have a pair of leggings or tight pants that you absolutely love and would like to use that as a pattern instead, go for it! If you are curious how to pattern from an existing garment, I suggest doing a basic search on YouTube for a tutorial, there are several out there.


1.I am using Simplicity’s 8212 pattern for activewear pants. I used the high waist yoke on the cropped pant “B” selection. Now chose your size and cut up your paper pattern using a rotary cutter on a self-healing mat like I have here.

2. You will also need elastic for your waistband. Using the pattern elastic guide, cut 3” wide elastic to the measurement you need. Slice it with your rotary cutter so the edge is nice and clean, then carefully melt the edge of the elastic with a match or lighter to keep it from fraying.

3.Now lay out your fabric, arrange your patterns and slice!

4. Pin or clip your inseam and outer seam edges and prepare to sew those seams! (Don’t forget to change your sewing machine needle to a stretch or ballpoint needle before you stitch).


5. Using a small width and length zigzag stitch, sew up your sides.

6. Right sides together and one pant leg into the other, sew the crotch seam.

7. Now, move to the waistband and place your elastic (top edge matching the foldline), and pin the waistband to the elastic. Note that the elastic is shorter than your waistband so you need to pin as evenly as you can.

8. Stitch the elastic to the foldline using the same zigzag stitch, then fold over the waist band and encase the elastic with a stitch at the edge of the waistband. Stitch your edges so the elastic is completely encased.

9. Grab your pants and with right sides together, stitch your waistband to the pants.

10. Turn the waistband out and top stitch the seam allowance down still using the same stitch. Hem the edge of the pants still using the same stitch as well.

Now you have a new favorite pair of leggings to wear under or with your next cosplay!


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