How to Make Socks

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle




I love a cute stylish pair of socks. In this tutorial I will be making Ellie & Mac “Sew it Forward Sock pattern”. It is such an easy make and so customizable. I will bruising a sheer stretch fabric for this project. This is another great scrap busting project.



*You will need Ellie & Mac FREE Sew it Forward Sock pattern for this tutorial. See link below


Tools and Materials Needed:



* Use your OLFA cutting tools to cut out the pattern pieces.





  1. First with right sides together pin/clip the back bottom to the Back Top matching notches.



  1. Serge or stitch between the notches using a stitch suitable for stretch fabrics.



  1. With right sides facing pin/clip the back piece and the front piece matching curves and notches. Serge/Stitch






  1. Next, fold sock bands with right sides facing and pin/clip raw edges together. Serge/Stitch




5. Fold bands over, wrong sides facing matching raw edges. Then, pin/clip folded band to top opening of sock matching raw edges. Serge/Stitch.



6. Turn seam in!




Voila, You are Done! Wear and Enjoy.