How to Make Fuzzy Slippers

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle




As the weather gets cooler I love reaching for a nice comfy pair of slippers to warm my feet. You can never go wrong with a great pair of slippers. They are an easy project to make and they make great Holiday gifts for friends and family. For this tutorial I will show you how I created my long haired fuzzy slippers using McCalls pattern M6715.



Materials and Tools:



Pieces to Cut:

1, 2, 12


Cut 2 of Piece 1 (Back) - Main fabric, Lining



Cut 2 of Piece 2 (Sole) - Suede/leather, Lining, Flex Foam

Cut 4 of Piece 2(Sole) - Insul-Fleece



Cut 2 of Piece 12(Front) - Main fabric, Lining




Sewing Instructions:





1. Pin and Stitch FRONT (12) to side edges of each back. Repeat step for lining.





  1. Pin lining to main fabric with right sides together and edges even. Stitch along upper edge. Clip seam allowance along curved edges.





  1. Cut two 6 inch pieces of elastic.




  1. Stitch one end of elastic to side seam and the other to the opposite side seam.



5. Stitch the elastic down under the lining seam allowance while stretching to fit. Turn right side out




6. Baste the outer edges closed.




 7. Repeat steps 2 thru 6 for second slipper top.


Attach the Soles:



8. Layer sole pieces with suede on the button,



 then one layer of  Insul-fleece,



Flex Foam,



 2nd layer of Insul-fleece



and sole lining on top.



Baste around the edges of the sole through all thickness about inch from the edge.





9. Pin the top part of slipper to the sole having right sides facing and edges matching. Make sure to line the heel of top to the heel of the sole. Stitch ⅝ inch from the edge. Trim seam allowance.



10. Turn slipper right side out making sure to pick out any long pieces of fur that may have been caught in the seam. You can trim the fur the way you like.


11. Repeat steps 8-10 for second slipper.



Voila youre done!