How To Make Flat Pockets

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle




There are many different ways to construct pockets on your garments and projects. Knowing how to create a basic flat pocket is essential to creating more complex pockets. Read on to create flat pockets with me.



Materials and Tools Needed:




  1. On the wrong side, turn top edge of pocket over ¼ inch.



  1. With right side up turn edge over again ½ inch.



  1. Pin turned edge. Then stitch edges down ⅜ from raw edge.



  1. Trim corners of fold.



  1. Turn folded edge right side out.


  1. Press raw edges under ⅜ inch around bottom and sides.



  1. Edge stitch folded edge.



  1. Pin pocket to right side of garment leaving top in open.



  1. Edge stitch the folded edges to garment. Press.



Voila Your Done!