How To Make a Necktie

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle




Wearing neckties can be fun and trendy! Creating your own neckties can be super easy. I used Burda pattern 7876 to create this necktie for an upcoming look. Check out my step-by step tutorial and create your own.


*You may need a Necktie pattern for this project. I used Burda pattern 7876 which only consist of two pieces.



Materials and Tools Needed:


* Use your OLFA cutting tools to cut out the two pattern pieces and corresponding interfacing.




  1.  First apply the interfacing to the wrong side of the pattern pieces. Transfer all relevant markings to wrong side of fabric.



  1. Pin. Stitch pieces I & II with right sides together with a ⅝ seam allowance. Press seam open



  1. With right sides facing, fold tie in half. Stitch upper and lower edges together. Press allowance open.



  1. Turn the seams right side out and fold corner on the fold line with wrong sides facing in.



  1. Next, with right sides facing fold the tie lengthwise with edges together. Place seam down center of tie and press seam open.



  1. Turn tie right side out. Press



Your project is done!



You can loop the tie around a satin ribbon or wear it as you would any other fashionable necktie.