How To Create a Half Elastic Waistband

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle




Half elastic bands are great option for those who desire a better fit at the waist but don't really enjoy a full elastic band. It creates a better fit for those with smaller waists and wider hip while still achieving a flat faced garment look! There are a couple ways to create a half waistband. Follow my tutorial to finds out just how I create mine.



Materials and Tools Needed:



*Cut your waistband!



Waistband length:

  • Front band measurements= ½ waist measurement by 2”/ cut two
  • Back waistband measurement= 1.5 x ½ waist measurement (or back waist of garment) by 4” / cut one






  1. With right sides together sew top raw edge of front waistband together.



  1. Understitch the seam to the lining side of front waistband.



  1. Attach front band to top of garment with right sides facing. Stitch.



  1. Cut your elastic the length of your back waist from side to side.


  1. With wrong sides facing fold back waistband in half lengthwise and press.



  1. Line up your elastic to the wrong side of back waistband folded edge and match raw edges of you elastic to the raw edges of the side edges of the waistband. Stitch elastic at sides.



  1. Fold over waistband lengthwise encasing elastic and picn raw edges. Baste.



  1. With right sides facing pin back waistband to back at top seams.



  1. Stitch elastic band by pulling it slightly while stitching from seam to seam (you can finish seam).


  1. With the right sides facing line up raw edges of side seams. Stitch down side of garment.



  1. Fold under raw edges of front waistband ¼ inch or add bias binding to finish edge.



  1. Fold waistband back over tucking in the side seams of the back waistband matching up folded edge or biased edge to waistband seam.



  1. Pin waistband edge in place. Stitch in ditch from front side.


  1. *Optional* Make a stitch through the elastic band by pulling it slightly while stitching from seam to seam through the middle of the back elastic band.



Voila Your Done!