Finger-tip Oven Mitts

Designer: Amanda Brown

Instagram: @myfabricheart

Skill level: Beginner




  • 1/2 Yard Cotton Canvas
  • 5”x30” Cotton Quilt Batting
  • 5”x30” Heat Resistant Fleece
  • Cotton Thread




Let's walk through this project in this video tutorial. Key moments are listed below to help you if needed. 

Key Moments:

(7:34) Cutting Batting and Thermal Fleece

  • Set OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter to 2.5”
  • Cut out 4 circles from quilt batting and 4 circles from Thermal Fleece


(10:34) Cutting Exterior Cotton Fabric

  • Set OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter to 3”
  • Cut out 8 circles from cotton exterior fabric


(11:06) Layering Pieces

  • Layer the following (make 4 units)
    • Exterior fabric face down
    • Quilt batting centred
    • Thermal Fleece with metallic side facing quilt batting
    • Quilt layers together


(14:23) Adding Finger Pockets

  • Fold 4 remaining exterior cotton circles in half with wrong sides facing
  • Press
  • To 2 of the quilted units add 2 of the folded circles and stitch in place 1/4” from edge


(16:20) Assembly

  • With right sides facing place one unit with finger pockets and one unit without together
  • Sew with a 1/2” seam allowance leaving a 3 inch gap un-sewn
  • Turn right side out
  • Tuck in the un-sewn part and hand stitch the opening closed