Felt Fox Banner

Guest Designer: Marcia Izabel Marchiori of Minois Handmade
Instagram: @marciabel

Category: Home Decor, Nursery & Kids Room Decor
Size/Dimensions: Approx. 9”x 11” (plus cord)
Skill Level: Intermediate

This whimsical DIY felt banner is the perfect home accent to decorate a woodland themed nursery, your kids bedroom wall, or wherever you would like to add a dash of color, and you can finish it in an afternoon! You can easily customize the background color to reflect the room style.


Tools Needed


Supplies Needed

  • Two 10”x44” sheets of wool or wool blend felt – Purple/lavender
  • One approx. 9”x11” piece of wool blend or acrylic felt – Orange
  • One approx. 9”x11” piece of wool blend or acrylic felt – White
  • One approx. 9”x12” piece of fusible fleece (such as Heat n Bond) or cotton batting
  • Scraps of felt – assorted colors
  • Straight pins
  • Six pearl stickers
  • One 7/8” button – Black
  • Embroidery floss, same colors as felt
  • Sewing needle
  • Craft or fabric glue
  • Erasable fabric pen (such as Pilot FriXion)
  • 9” bamboo straw or wooden dowel
  • White hemp cord
  • Blush (make-up) or light pink fabric paint (to color cheeks) and a small round brush (optional)
  • Approximately 20” white pompom ball fringe (optional)
  • Light lavender yarn (optional)
  • Small pompom maker (optional)




  1. Gather tools and materials 
  1. Print banner and fox templates to scale
  2. Cut purple felt and fusible fleece according to the banner patterns. Use straight pins to held pat-terns on felt. 


  1. Cut orange and white felt pieces according to the fox pattern 



  1. Use felt of assorted colours of your choice to cut flowers and leaves 


  1. Assemble fox pieces onto the felt banner (front panel), glue each piece together to hold every-thing in place, using the fabric glue, leaving the flowers for later. 


  1. Using erasable fabric pen, sketch the eyes of the fox. Use six-strand black embroidery floss to stem stitch the eyes. 


  1. Once dry, start overstitching the edges of the pieces together, matching the colors of the floss and the felt – use a single strand of floss 


  1. Stitch black button to the fox nose and flowers crown to the fox head. 



  1. Stitch the 3 layers of the banner together with running stitches (two-strand purple floss, matching felt color). TIP: for a more straight seam, draw a line with the erasable fabric pen before stitching the banner layers together. 



  1. Lay the bamboo straw (or wooden dowel) about 1” below the top edge (back), run a line of glue, not touching the dowel. Fold the top edge down and over it. Press the edge to the back of the banner to create a channel for the dowel to sit in. 


  1. Stitch all the layers together with running stitches (two-strand purple floss).


  1. On top of the edge, glue pompom fringe and stitch everything together. 


  1. Insert hemp cord inside the bamboo straw, and tie a knot, hiding it inside the straw (if you are using a wooden dowel, tie a knot on each side of it). 


And voilà!