Easy Cheerful Summer Fold Card Tutorial


Designer: Marcia Izabel Marchiori

YouTube: MarciaBel Vlog  

Instagram: @marciabel


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There’s nothing like a colorful sunny summer day, so why not bring that feeling into your craft studio? And better, making an easy & cute greeting card to bring some happiness to a loved one’s day, it’s definitely a win-win!


Although this is a simple fold card to make, the felt details are the highlight of this project, and I am going to teach you a technique using iron-on adhesive, which helps greatly when using small scraps of felt to not warp.


So let’s begin!



Tools & Supplies Needed 






  1.  Print template to scale and gather all tools and materials.


  1. Score the marked fold lines using the tapered base of the OLFA AK-5 Art Knife handle, then cut the printed card to shape using the AK-5 blade side, so you’ll have precise edges when freehand cutting the clouds.


  1. Fold card. For the straight edges, cut with the same art knife, but with the help of an OLFA QR-1x12 ruler.

  1. Prepare the felt scraps: attach a piece of iron-on adhesive on the back of each color of felt, according to manufacturer instructions. The results should be like this:

  1. For the felt patterns, you have two options. The first one is cutting loosely all parts: first, each of the 4 colors of the rainbow, then both parts of the sun, and attach these patterns to the back of the felt with a tape. Then, using the AK-4 Art knife with the curved blade, cut all the edges free-hand precisely.


TIP: The curved blade will help greatly in this step, resulting in precise edges when  cutting felt materials.


The second option is to cut the paper patterns precisely, then draw each part on the back of each piece of felt (which I did with the orange piece, below) and cut with the AK-4 Art Knife as well.



  1. Remove all of the iron-on adhesive protective paper from the back of felt pieces.

  1. Embroider the face details on the yellow part of the sun, then glue it to the orange felt.


  1. Glue all the felt parts of the rainbow together on top of the last pattern:

  1. Attach the blue cardstock to the back of the white part of the card, then glue both the rainbow and the sun according to the pictures below:


And your summer greeting card is ready to send!


I hope you have lots of fun making this and don’t forget to tag me @marciabel and @OLFA_craft in your finished projects, we would love to see your piece of art! 


Have fun!