Double your blade life with an OLFA mat

OLFA Double-Sided, Self-Healing Rotary Mat

Why use an OLFA mat?

Our mats were created shortly after our invention of the rotary cutter, which was in 1979. They were designed not only to protect your cutting surface but to extend the life of the rotary blade. We know, as well as you do, how good our mats are. We stand behind our quality and put our mats to the test. We put our 45mm standard rotary blades and self-healing rotary mats up against a leading competitive national brands 45mm rotary blade and self-healing mat and it was clear that our quality took the lead.


 *Through independent testing the leading competitive national brands 45mm standard rotary blades lasted:
- On average 280 yards on their self-healing mat before the blade began to dull.
- On average 580 yards on an OLFA Double-Sided, Self-Healing Rotary mat before their blade began to dull.



The detail is in the design 

The details in the construction of our mats is very important. Our mats are designed to last for years* and that starts with ensuring they are made with our triple-layer heat welded process. 

They are also self-healing, which reseals surface cuts allowing a continually smooth cutting surface for your projects.

The double-sided feature of our mats provides you with two cutting options: 

- grid lines for more precise cutting

- non printed back side for more general cutting

The ability to cut on both sides of your mat extends the life of your mat as well.


For more information on what mat is best for your next project be sure to check out this article.