DIY Fabric Tape

Guest Designer: Marcia Izabel Marchiori of Minois Handmade
Instagram: @marciabel

Category: Stationery
Size/Dimensions: Variable
Skill Level: Beginner

Description: These tapes are perfect for sealing gift bags, journaling accents, mailbox decoration, labels, and anything you would like to add some flair to!

Tools Needed

Supplies Needed

  • Fabric scraps, assorted colors 
  • Double-sided tapes, assorted sizes 




 1. Before starting, it’s important to iron all pieces of fabric so they stretch out, with no wrinkles.

2. One of the sides of the tape has a protective film, while the other has adhesive.

3. Apply the side with adhesive on the back of the fabric and cut it at the end of its length with scissors.

Tip: in order to better use the fabric, select larger fabric scraps to be used with the 2” tape, leaving the smaller scraps to the narrower tape.

4. It is important to run your hand multiple times on top of the tape so that it sticks well to the fabric. Finally, run the ruler along the tape a couple of times.

5. Note that the width of the tape must be shorter than the width of the fabric.

6. With the rotary cutter and the ruler over the cutting mat, cut the fabric from the sides of the tape, including a small (about one millimetre) piece of tape, to avoid fraying.

7. Your fabric tape is practically ready! One of the sides is the fabric and the other is the tape with the protective film.

8. To finish the tips, use a pair of straight scissors or even serrated scissors. Tips can be straight or you can add some flair with a diagonal cut.

Have fun!