Creating Ribbed Cuffs with Thumb Opening!

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle




Fall weather is here and long sleeves are a staple for layering. Adding these ribbed cuffs with thumb openings to your knit shirts or activewear are a great way to customize long sleeve T's and knit shirts.



Materials and Tools Needed:



Create Cuffs



  1. With right sides together fold cuff in half lengthwise with raw edges lined up. Pin.



  1. Mark thumb opening using your OLFA ruler and fabric marker.



  1. Based on the length of my cuff, I measured and stitched 5 inches in from the bottom edge of each end of the cuff. I created a 2 inch stitch in the middle of the cuff.



  1. Press the seam flat.



  1. Fold the cuff in half with wrong sides together matching seams and thumb hole opening.



  1. Stitch the seams together at the opening on the wrong side of the cuff. Repeat on other side of opening.



  1. Turn cuff right side out completely and press.



  1. Your cuffs are ready to connect to your long sleeve garment.



Voila Your Done!