Craft For Kids Series Making Crafts With Paper Strips

Designer: Marcia Izabel Marchiori

YouTube: MarciaBel Vlog  

Instagram: @marciabel



Welcome to another post with crafts especially created to have an awesome & colorful afternoon with the kids. I’ve had so much fun making these that I can assure you: adults will enjoy making them as well.


Today we have a theme: crafts made out of strips!


We are going to use simple supplies, but it is so versatile. I will teach you three different decorations that will make the kids room more colorful and happy:  a flower garland, a colorful mini wreath made out of hearts and the cutest ornament. So let’s start!



Tools & Supplies:



For all of the three crafts, mark and divide each origami paper square sheet in seven equal parts, then cut strips with the help of the ruler.






This adorable paper flower is perfect for decorating doors and windows. For each flower, you are going to use two different colors, four strips of each.


Glue the ends of paper strips with the same color together, forming an X-shape, like this:



Then glue together both X-shapes at 45 degrees (use the mat guide to help you find the right angle):



Then apply glue to the center and alternate the colors, gluing the ends of paper strips together.



After gluing all edges, finish with the button, then make paper rings with the green strips, using three of them between each flower.





And it’s ready!




This wreath is super simple to make: just fold ten strips in half (assorted colors) and glue the end of each folded strip making the shape of a heart:





Then shape the hearts to a circle and glue all of them together. And you’re done!





Grab seven strips (with each color of the rainbow) and trim off each edge, leaving a 1/2” distance between each color, like this:




Glue all of the edges together, creating a teardrop shape.



Repeat this process making two pieces. Add glue to one side of both pieces and glue each one of them to a separate strip, forming a heart shape. Punch the strip in the middle, add a string and it’s ready to hang!




Aren’t them the cutest? I hope you have lots of fun making these.

Please don’t forget to tag me @marciabel and @OLFA_craft on your finished projects, we would love to see your piece of art! 



Have a fun!



All activities should be supervised by an adult.