Cork Cup Cozy

Designer: Sarah Gozzo

IG: @pricess_ina_pouch 




This pattern makes one pint cozy and one half pint cozy

Tools needed:

OLFA 45mm RTY-2DX/PBL Ergonomic Rotary Cutter, Pacific Blue

OLFA WAB45-1 Stainless Steel Wave Blade, 1pk

OLFA 5-Inch SCS-1 Serrated-Edge Stainless Steel Scissors

OLFA QR-6x12 6" X 12" Frosted Acrylic Ruler

OLFA RM-17S 17" Rotating, Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Sharp embroidery needle



Materials needed:

Cork fabric 7.5”x14”

Embroidery thread

Pint Ball glass jar

Half pint Ball glass jar


  1.  Cut the wrap - Use OLFA’s 45mm rotary cutter and frosted ruler.
    • For the pint cozy, cut a strip of cork fabric 4”x10.25”
    • For the half pint cozy, cut a strip of cork fabric 3.25”x8.5”



  1. Trim the decorative edge - Use OLFA’s ergo rotary cutter with scallop or wave blade.
    • Place your ruler .25” from one edge of the cork wrap cut in step 1.
    • Cut with the decorative blade.
    • Repeat for both the pint and half pint wrap.


  1. Create the bottom circle - Use OLFA’s 5” utility scissors.
    • Have a 3.5”x3.5” cork scrap for the pint cozy.
    • Have a 3”x3” cork scrap for the half pint cozy.
    • Turn the cups upside down on their respective cork scraps.
    • Trace around the mouths with a pencil.
    • Use the 5” scissors to cut on the traced lines to get the bottom circles.


  1. Sew it all together!
Clip the wrap so the edges meet flatly, do not overlap them. 

      With sharp embroidery needle and thread, whip stitch the wrap. 
      With a pencil, find and mark the 4 midpoints on both the wraps and the circles.
      Match the circle to the wrap using your guide marks. 
      Whip stitch the bottom circle to the wrap. 

        You’re done! Nice job:)