Cork Case

Designer: Sarah Gozzo






Important terms:

Top stitch. Sewing close to the raw edge, about 1/8”. Cork is fun to work with because you can easily topstitch without having to turn any seams!

Contrasting thread will make your tool case really pop!



  1. Print templates onto copy paper and cut shapes A, B and C on the printed lines.
  2. Use a sharpened pencil to trace the 3 shapes onto the back fabric side of the cork.
  3. Cut the cork pieces ON the traced lines. OLFA utility scissors cut through cork beautifully.
  4. Top stitch along both long sides of piece C and along the top of piece B (shown as dashed lines on templates)


Use the guidelines on the printed templates for the following steps:

  1. With cork sides facing up, place C on top of B and top stitch along the short sides only to attach. Snip the edges of C to match B. Set aside. 
  2. Create a ribbon loop by tacking together the overlapped ends of the ribbon. Quickly pass a flame over the end of the ribbon to seal it from fraying.
  3. Attach this ribbon loop to the cork side of piece A (using the placement guide on the template). Sew through the ribbon and cork in the shape of a box with an X inside to secure the loop to the cork.
  4. Now with wrong sides together, align piece B on top of piece A with focus on the bottom and side points. Clip in place. Top stitch all the way around the entire shape of A securing B as well as giving the case a beautiful finished look.


Now you can safely travel with your OLFA tools or use the loop to hang the case on your design wall!