Checkerboard Easter Garland

Designer: Cindy Staub



This is a fun springtime garland that can be hung in a window, across a mantel or in a doorway. The sample was made with fabric from Marcus Fabrics Triple Time Basics by Laura Berringer. I used four different colors, but you can switch it up and use as many as you would like!






Let’s begin!

  • From each color fabric cut: 1- 1 ½” x WOF strip, (WOF- width of fabric


  • From cream fabric cut: 
    •  4 – 1 ½” x WOF strip
    • 4 – 9” x 9” squares (backing)


  • Sew one color strip to one cream strip along the long edge right sides together using a ¼” seam. I like to use my quarter inch foot on my sewing machine.


  • Press to the dark side. Cut in half.


  • Sew each half together right sides together along the long edge to form a light, dark, light, dark strip.


  • Press to the dark side. Cut in half.


  • Sew each half together right sides together along the long edge. Press to the dark side. You should now have a rectangle of alternating color and cream strips.

  • Then cut this rectangle into 8 – 1 ½” strips of alternating colors.

  • Here are all of my checkboard strips in the colors I have chosen.


  • Sew the strips together to form a checkboard panel. Your seams should ‘nest’ together.


  • Press your checkerboard square.


  • Layer the backing, batting, and checkerboard square.


  • Quilt your panel as desired. I stitched a crosshatch design using my walking foot. I made four quilted panels total, pink, yellow, purple, and blue.

  • Cut the bunny and egg template out and pin on top of checkerboard quilted square.

  • Sew along the edge of the template thru all three layers.

  • Trim around each shape leaving a 1/8” from the outer stitched line of the shape using your applique scissors. I was able to get one bunny and two eggs from each quilted square.

  • Repeat until you have enough bunnies and eggs to form a garland of your desired length. I made a total of 4 bunnies and 8 eggs. You can make more or less for your garland, depending how long you would like it to be.
  • Attach the bunnies and eggs to the ribbon leaving about 3” in between each shape.

  • Hang and enjoy! I hope that you enjoy making this fun quilted project. The eggs are also cute used as coasters. They add a festive spring touch to and brunch or Easter dinner.