Bone Dog Toy

Designer: Cindy Staub

Instagram: @quiltdoodledesigns

Finished size 6” x 13”



Earlier this year we added a new member to our family. Her name is Josephine, and she is an adorable Basset Hound. She is sweet, a little cuddle buddy and a little chew monster. She loves to chew and zoom around the house with her puppy toys.


She is obsessed with the crinkle noise that plastic makes when she chews on a water bottle.  I decided to make her and our other dog, Maddie a couple of toys stuffed with an empty water bottle. It was a huge hit! This is a great recycle project to use up scraps and a plastic water bottle.







If you are using several scraps for your dog bone, piece them together to make a scrappy rectangle that measures 8” x 16”. I used several Primo Plaid flannel scraps for mine. I pressed the seams open and then top stitched along the seams to reinforce the seam. The front of the bone can also be one large rectangle of fabric too.



Trace the bone shape onto a paper bag or piece of paper that is folded in half lining up the folded edge on the bone pattern. Make sure that the template is large enough for your water bottle and cut out for a sewing template. Note:  The bone template can be sized up or down depending on the size of your water bottle.



Layer the backing and pieced rectangle right sides together and pin bone template on top. I used sherpa for the backing of the dog bones that I made. You can also use fur, denim or even cuddle fabric. I pin all the layers together, including the paper template.



I insert a couple of pins along the straight edge of the paper template to remind me to leave at least a 3” opening.



Sew along the edge of the bone template remembering to leave a 3” gap for turning.



Using your applique scissors, carefully cut the bone shape leaving at least a ¼” seam allowance from the sewn line. Clip corners and curves. Turn your bone right side out.



If desired, stuff the bone ends with the scrap fabric that you trimmed away.



Insert the water bottle and whip stitch the opening closed.



The crinkly dog toy was a big hit with our puppies! Josephine and Maddie loved the dog bones. This was a quick and easy project, and it was fun to stitch them together. This would also be a great project for a young sewer as a summertime project! If you have an embroidery machine it would be easy machine embroider your dog’s name onto the pieced rectangle before you sew the bone shape. I’m planning on making a few more to stash away for a quick and easy new puppy gift for family and friends.


Always keep an eye on your fur baby when they play with their dog toys to avoid injury.