An art knife for fabric?

The AK-4 Cushion Grip Art Knife is ideal for ANY crafters workspace. The versatility and features packed into this tool are amazing!



Here's just a snapshot of what you can do with the AK-4 Cushion Grip Art Knife. 


The Cushion Grip Art Knife is designed to fit perfectly in your hand for the optimal cutting experience. The acetone resistant handle features a cushion grip for comfort. The pen-like knife is slightly weighted towards the bottom for ideal balance and stability in your hand. It also has an anti-roll tab to keep the knife safety in your workspace. The quick-spin system provides fast and easy blade changes. 

The Curved Carving Blade -  This blade is honed the same as our OLFA rotary blades. It is for detailed and intricate cuts on delicate materials. This makes it ideal for the quilter / sewer for ripping seams, fussy cutting and more!

Chisel Art Blade -  While it works for trimming, deburring and making narrow crosscuts on plastics, files and wood it also is ideal for making button holes in your sewing projects. See our blog on button holes here:


What comes in the package: 

Package includes (2) Precision KB4-S, (1) Chisel KB4-F, and

(1) Curved Carving Blade KB4-R. 


Other blades available: 
KB4-NS Narrow Saw Art Blade #9169 
KB4-WS Wide Saw Art Blade #9170 



Here are a few places you can purchase the AK-4 online: 


Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Fat Quarter Shop


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