Adding the Curved Carving Art Blade (KB4-R) to your toolbox




The Curved Art Blade is honed in the same fashion as the OLFA rotary blades. This makes the blade unique and ideal for ripping seams, fussy cutting cotton fabric, cutting felt, and more. Choose the carving blade to also cut, sculpt, and add dimension to thin paper, films, plastic, rubber, wax, and more.

The KB4-R Curved Art Blade is one of 3 types of blades that come in the AK-4 Cushion Grip Art Knife package. 


This video walks you through the different blades, features and benefits of the AK-4 as well as how to change the blades. 

The AK-4 Cushion Grip Art Knife is the ideal handle for crafters/makers. The knife is designed to fit perfectly in your hand for the optimal cutting experience. The AK-4 is also has a(n):

- Perfectly balanced handle for precision to the cushioned

- Anti-slip comfort grip for maximum control

- Anti-roll tab for safety 



The Curved Carving Art Blade (KB4-R) is ideal for cutting felt,

 cardstock and other papers


 and even for seam ripping!

Check out the product page, here, to see where you can purchase this art knife and blade to add to your toolbox!


Here's a snap shot of what else the AK-4 can do in your craft room using the variety of blades available: