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Why You Should Upgrade Your Blade: Part 3

Why You Should Upgrade Your Blade: Part 3

This is the third and final installment in our series explaining why you should Upgrade Your Blade to an OLFA.


Thanks for joining us again on the journey to Upgrade Your Blade. 

In our first installment we showed you the value of using OLFA heavy-duty handles with snap-blades. Part two proved how OLFA blades outperform the snap competition. In this edition, we will show you how to triple your savings by switching from a traditional trapezoid blade to an OLFA Ultra-Sharp Black Blade.

The Testing

As we discussed in Part 2, we partnered with independent testing company to compare OLFA Snap-Off Blades against other snap blades and traditional trapezoid blades. For the test, an automated machine simulated cutting through 45mm thick flooring protection board. Consistent downward pressure and pulling force were used on each cut. Each test continued cutting until that blade segment could no longer pull through the material and came to a complete stop. Total length of material cut per blade segment was measured. 

How do OLFA Blades stack up to Trapezoid blades?  

If you’re not already convince that Nothing Cuts Like an OLFA, then look at the results when comparing OLFA Black Blades to Trapezoid blades. The OLFA Heavy-Duty Ultra-Sharp Black Blade clocked 3.5 times more cutting length than a standard trapezoid blade. And it required 40% less pressure to do it.

That’s right – the trapezoid blade could not cut at the same pressure the other tests were run at and required a 40% increase in PSI to perform the baseline cut.

The average trapezoid blade may seem cheap at less than $0.20 per blade, but when it takes 60 more blades to cut the same amount as one OLFA Blade, the savings add up quickly. The average 50-pack per week user saves over $4,700 using OLFA Heavy-Duty Ultra Sharp Blades.

So let’s do some simple math:

That’s a lot less blade changes and a lot more cutting…

and a lot of extra cash in your pocket.

Test it out for yourself and see why Nothing Cuts Like an OLFA.