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Why You Should Upgrade Your Blade: Part 2

Why You Should Upgrade Your Blade: Part 2

This is the second installment in a three-part series explaining why you should Upgrade Your Blade to an OLFA.

We know Nothing Cuts Like an OLFA.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, that you know Nothing Cuts Like an OLFA.

But now we can prove it.

Independent Testing

We recently partnered with an independent testing company to put OLFA Snap-Off Blades to the test against other snap blades as well as traditional trapezoid blades. For the test, an automated machine simulated cutting through 45mm thick flooring protection board. The machine maintained consistent downward pressure as well as consistent pulling force on each cut. Each test continued cutting until the blade could no longer pull through the material and came to a complete stop. After the stop, the total length of material cut was measured (only one tip or blade segment was used per blade). A total of twenty blades were tested per manufacturer model. 

Testing included OLFA Heavy-Duty Silver and Heavy-Duty Ultra-Sharp Black Blades, as well as snap blades from Craftsman, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Husky, KDS, and Tajima. The average length of material cut from all competitors is used in the findings below. Testing was also conducted against Stanley trapezoid blades (results coming in part 3).

The Results

In head-to-head competition against silver snap-off blades, OLFA Heavy-Duty Silver Blade cut 65% longer than the average combination of the competitive blades.

At an estimated cost of $0.70 per silver blade, a 50-pack per week user would save over $1,200 by switching to OLFA.

Black Blades Cut Even More

OLFA Heavy-Duty Ultra-Sharp Black Blades cut almost twice as much as the competition. OLFA Ultra-Sharp Black Blades cut 90% more than the average of all competitive black blades. That’s a lot fewer blade changes during the day, saving both time and money.

At roughly $0.90 per blade, OLFA Ultra-Sharp Black Blades offer a savings of over $2,100 to a 50-pack per week user.

Stay tuned for the final installment of the OLFA advantage and learn how upgrading to OLFA Ultra-Sharp Black Snap-Off Blades can triple your savings.