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Top Uses for the 18mm Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

Top Uses for the 18mm Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

Professional contractors, tradesmen and serious DIYers know that selecting a high-quality utility knife with a sharp blade saves time and frustration. That’s why many ditched their old-fashioned “unscrew-and-open” utility knives long ago, switching to “quick-change” models, like OLFA-Pro 18mm Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

The OLFA-PRO 18mm is the do-all of utility knives, and isn’t just another pretty tool in the box. It holds a sturdy, always sharp seven-segment snap-and-go blade. When the knife dulls, just snap off the dull portion and keep on cutting with a fresh edge. Once all segments are used, simply slide the mechanism forward and install a new seven-segment blade. That’s it!

Built with a substantial handle and a stainless steel support channel to provide maximum blade stability, OLFA’s heavy-duty utility knife is designed especially for the professional, or those who like professional results. It can handle the same cutting jobs as a regular utility knife—and then some. Premium quality blades allow users to cut thick materials, cut closer to walls and floors, and score deep and straight. Here are some of the top jobs for the OLFA-Pro 18mm Heavy-Duty Utility Knife


Insulation contractors use the OLFA-Pro to cut through fiberglass batting and rigid foam board insulation. The blade cuts thick fiberglass sections off the roll in a single pass and makes it easy to cut the insulation away from around electrical boxes once the insulation is tucked into the stud cavity. It is the perfect tool for cutting interior and exterior rigid foam insulation. After the insulation work is done, installers use the same knife to cut openings in exterior house wrap and interior vapor barrier.


When carpenters install base, door and window trim, their cuts must be exact and clean. Rather than cut along a thick pencil line, many carpenters use their utility knife to score the line before cutting. A scored line provides a smaller target area when aiming the miter blade, and scoring the trim reduces the possibility of chipping, especially when working with veneered trim.


Cutting with a sharp blade is the trick to cutting drywall. Since gypsum dulls blades quickly, drywall installers go through a lot of blades. The multi-segment blade on the OLFA-Pro allows installers to spend far less time changing blades. They simply snap off the dull edge the instant it starts tearing the paper face. Then, once the cut is made and the drywall snapped, installers cut through the backside of the drywall.


Professional carpet installers always cut from the jute-back, so they need a blade that’s strong and sharp enough to cut the backing and the yarn loops. With the blade extended slightly, the OLFA-Pro easily does the job, eliminating the need to make multiple passes to cut missed loops.


Wallpaper goes on wet, and tears easily if cut with a dull blade. OLFA is the perfect solution with their sharp, premium quality blades. Since cutting into drywall and plaster dulls blades quickly, professional wallpaper hangers also go through a lot of blades. The OLFA-PRO helps pros and DIY wallpaper hangers make clean cuts while reducing the time needed to change blades.


Who would think that a utility knife could handle such a heavy-duty job? Roofers rely on hook blades to trim straight edges on exposed shingles. But they use straight blades to cut full shingles into hip and ridge caps. The OLFA knife handle has sturdy, strong construction for this tough job. The stainless steel blade channel holds the blade firmly in place. The high quality sharp and strong blade cuts through shingle materials like butter to speed up things up.


Do you have a favorite use for your OLFA utility knife? Share your story in the comments below to add to the long list of uses for these high-quality, heavy-duty cutters.