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The Pro Utility Knife: Performance, Quality and Design

The Pro Utility Knife: Performance, Quality and Design

Contractors know what’s in their tool arsenal makes a difference. And when it comes to a utility knife, that couldn’t be more true. Every day on the job, there’s one tool that gets reached for far more frequently than others. That reliable and indispensable utility knife. That’s why “utility” is in its name—so many jobs, and most require a sharp, dependable cutter.

So how do you know you’re getting the best of the lot when ordering a utility knife online, from a catalog, or when facing a sea of unlimited choices at your building center? Think of the top three criteria professionals value most: Performance, quality and design. Then compare. OLFA® Heavy-Duty Utility Knives have you covered from the grip right down to the superior blade edge.


The best place to start comparing OLFA utility knives to the competition is from the outside. Nearly the entire line is recognized by its egg yolk yellow grip. Think it’s easy to find in any toolbox? Yes! But there’s so much more to the exterior design of each OLFA utility knife that makes it superior in every way. Here are three:

Performance—Tough as nails: The handle is made of high impact ABS plastic. That means it’s tough as nails. That’s a proven advantage over standard metal trapezoid blade and cheap plastic utility knives. It’s easier to get a strong grip on, fits the hand better and is lighter for a long day on the job. And if weather is a factor, no worries. The ABS plastic handle doesn’t transmit heat or cold the way metal does. It can be baking in the sun and you can still pick it up. And in the coldest situations, you can easily handle it with or without gloves.
Quality—Like a rock: OLFA knives have you covered for the long haul. There is a good chance you’ll lose an OLFA utility knife before it wears out. (Our recommendation: Label your high-quality OLFA knives.) And, if you accidently leave it lying on a driveway and back over it with your truck, don’t sweat it. The hefty grip will protect it for another day’s use.
Design—Utility to specialty: While OLFA PRO utility knives come in three blade sizes—9mm, 18mm and 25mm—there are multiple knife designs for specialty uses. Handles come with rubberized grips and pistol grips for more comfort. Some have convenient lanyard holes for attaching to your tool belt. Then there are others with a bonus utility tool on the back end, just in case that screwdriver isn’t in arms reach. Need a cutter for extending your reach or making accurate 90° cuts? Got those too! Check out the full line of OLFA utility knives for the ones that fit your specific needs.


On the outside, OLFA utility knives have the strength of an elephant; inside they have the heart of a lion. That’s why they rule the job site. While other utility knives wobble while cutting and get hung up or break under pressure, OLFA utility knives’ high quality components ensure smooth operation. From performance and quality to design, every operational detail is precisely perfect and made with the professional in mind.

Performance—Stainless steel backbone. The stainless steel blade channel defines OLFA utility knives. It won’t corrode and provides strength even when dealt the heaviest on the job abuse. The stainless steel channel runs internally beyond the length of the handle, guaranteeing your ultra sharp blade is securely supported. This detail is the secret to consistent ultra smooth operation during use.
Quality—Stability and security. You may prefer the ratchet lock mechanism, which offers unlimited blade position, or the single hand operation of the auto lock system. With either, OLFA blades are secure and safe. That means increased productivity and cost savings at any work site. The ratchet lock turns with smooth precision, and tightens down like a vise, holding the blade tightly in place under heavy use. The sliding auto lock snaps into place in the slotted channel and does the same. The blade is secure, yet provides quick advancement when speed counts.
Design—No tool blade change. Seriously! This unique feature sets OLFA utility knives apart from the competition. No screwdrivers or awkward shaped blades to mess with. Loosen the ratchet lock or release the auto lock advancement and reverse to remove spent blades from the back. Slip a new one into the stainless steel channel, secure to the single pin on the locking system and advance or tighten your ratchet lock. You’re back on the job just that fast!


Sure OLFA blades wear out. That’s to be expected from the daily beating these bad boys take. From the pros we’ve talked to, OLFA blades last much longer than those on other utility knives. And with snap-off blades, the only barrier between you and a fresh cutting edge is—SNAP! In a fraction of a second, snap the worn blade at the next perf and you’re off and running again. And that’s not the only reason to toss trapezoid blades or cheap imposters.

Performance—Razor sharp. OLFA utility knife blades are made of high quality carbon steel. They’re strong, for the most demanding jobs. And, because they stay sharper with more cutting edges on each snap-off blade (13 on 9mm, 8 on 18mm and 7 on 25mm blades), you’ll have fewer job site errors. Sharp blades stay on their cutting path, require less downward force and won’t tear or damage your materials. Yes, sharper is better, more cost effective and safer.
Quality—Sharp, sharper and sharpest! When we say 59° edge angles are important, we mean it. They serve to minimize breakage. OLFA silver blades, the most used on job sites, have a long-lasting cutting edge that is honed precisely for cutting power and durability. Black blades have a 25% steeper honed edge for greater cutting efficiency. And now, OLFA introduces the sharpest utility blade ever—a coated black Speed Blade that reduces friction even more.
Design—Blades matched to the job. We know from first-hand experience that OLFA Snap-Off Blades make these utility knives the most efficient. But no two jobs are the same. And, it’s often worth a few extra seconds to make a no tool blade change to load the precise cutting blade for a specific job. Switch to a solid blade for thick material, such as insulation, landscaping materials and plastic piping. Cutting overhanging edges of shingles or linoleum flooring? Hooked blades . And, if you have some really though cuts, such as siding or fiberglass, reach for that extra tough 25mm saw blade.

From top to bottom, inside and out, OFLA heavy-duty utility knives deliver on three important promises: Performance, quality and design. And that builds trust. And trust builds results. And results build your business.

YOUR TURN. What OLFA utility knife or blade do you use most on the job site?