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Snap-Off Blades: 50-Plus Years of Tackling Tough Jobs

Snap-Off Blades: 50-Plus Years of Tackling Tough Jobs

What do The Fly™, Batwoman™, Green Lantern®, Captain Comet® and OLFA® SNAP-OFF BLADES have in common? Two things. They all have superpowers and they all made their debut in the 1950s!


The original Snap-Off Blade, invented in 1956 by Yoshio Okada, was created to be more efficient, convenient, and above all, safe. Inspired by the sharp edge of broken glass and the scored form of a chocolate bar, the original OLFA Snap-Off Blade’s patented design has remained the same for nearly 60 years.


With a clever, innovative design, OLFA Snap-Off Blades have endured because they are effective and rugged—tackling the toughest tasks on the jobsite. If you have a job that requires a dependable cutting tool with an ever-sharp blade, these hard-working, iconic blades can handle it.


OLFA’s premium quality Snap-Off Blades are constructed from the finest quality carbon steel, meticulously tapered, honed and sharpened. And, optional finishes enhance speed, when necessary. These ultra-sharp, durable blades combine ease of control with precision. A truly dynamic duo.


OLFA Snap-Off Blades come in three convenient sizes to tackle any cutting challenge with ease.



Don’t let the small size fool you. This slim, agile blade quickly handles thin and wily materials with finesse and accuracy.

  • Window film: Although delicate and prone to wiggle, excess film can be quickly and precisely trimmed to fit.
  • Leather: Whether soft and stretchy or stiff and unyielding, the 9mm blade cuts through leather with ease.
  • Caulk: There’s little room for error when slicing through caulk and this blade delivers a perfect cut.
  • Wallpaper: Precise cuts in tight corners and an always-ready sharp blade are why the OLFA 9mm Snap-Off Blade is perfect for this job.


These are the workhorse blades. With the right blend of size and strength, the 18mm blade is the go-to for tackling construction-grade materials and large-scale projects.

  • Drywall: From the paper face to the gypsum interior, the 18mm blades scores, slices and then snaps off as needed to keep cuts fresh and consistent.
  • Carpet: The tough woven jute backing is no match for this blade. When installers need a quick, sure pass, the 18mm delivers.
  • Shingles: Trust the 18mm to handle changes in texture while tightly trimming pieces to fit around vents, exhaust pipes and skylights.


This mega-blade steps up to heavy-duty applications and demanding materials, cutting cleanly without excess pressure.

  • Gaskets: Tough rubber or fiber is no match for this blade. Although it’s up to you to seal the deal, the 25mm can take care of the custom fit.
  • Rope: Thick or thin, synthetic or natural, the 25mm Snap-Off Blade gives you clean edges with minimal fray.
  • Laminates: The 25mm offers optimized cutting power for thick, bulky material, allowing you to slice through cleanly and efficiently.


Yoshio Okada specifically chose the signature yellow color of OLFA cutters and utility knives in 1967 to promote visual safety in the toolbox. Ergonomically designed, each cutter and knife has a comfortable grip and securely keeps the blade steady in a stainless steel channel for safety and maximum cutting force.


For decades, OLFA Snap-Off Blades have set the worldwide standard. Today they continue to deliver, exceeding expectations and promoting safety in all professional applications—construction sites, jobsites and in industrial operations.