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Protecting Your Workforce with the SK-15

Protecting Your Workforce with the SK-15


Safe cutting has always been a priority for safety managers, but in this new world, safe cutting means more than just protecting workers from lacerations. Safety knives now must be safe and sanitary.

The OLFA SK-15 Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife delivers both safe cutting as well as sanitary cutting.

First, the SK-15 is NSF Certified. This means the entire knife can easily be washed between uses for sanitation and a clean work environment. Additionally, the knife is designed to be disposable. Users can simply through the knife away after each shift to prevent contamination.


Second, the SK-15 offers an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade with flow-through cutting channels. This premium blade lasts longer than standard carbon blade and tackles dual-wall corrugated, shrink/stretch-wrap, plastic banding, and more with ease. The unique flow-through cutting channels require 25% less pulling force per cut. This reduces workers’ fatigue and increases daily efficiency.

Lastly, the fiberglass-reinforced handle comes with a tape-slitter nose to quickly and easily puncture and split boxes. There is also a large tethering loop to avoid loss or for easy storage.

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