Top Sheet Cutter (TS-1) | OLFA - Professional OLFA – Professional


  • Auto-pressure control system adjusts cutting pressure
  • Cut top layer only while preserving material beneath
  • Adjustable for cutting sheeting materials up to 0.1mm thick
  • Blade storage in handle; includes two additional blades
$14.24 Suggested MSRP
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Auto-Pressure for Controlled Depth

The Top Sheet Cutter features an auto-pressure control system that adjusts the cutting pressure to cut only the top sheet or layer of material, while preserving the material beneath. Simply adjust the blade setting from “MIN” for cutting a thin sheet to “MAX” when cutting thicker materials. The Top Sheet Cutter maintains blade pressure, no user adjustments are needed during the cut. Limited blade exposure make the Top Sheet Cutter double as a safety knife in office environments.

Adjustable for cutting sheeting materials up to 0.1mm thick. Ideal for cutting newsprint, paper, cardstock, shrink wrap, stretch wrap, plastic sheeting, film, and tape.

Complete with blade storage in handle and includes two additional TSB-1 Top Sheet Cutter Replacement Blades. (TS-1, #1102638)