Snap-Off Carton Cutter (CTN-1) | OLFA - Professional OLFA – Professional


  • Pocket-sized cutter
  • Snap-off blades
  • Uses CTB replacement blades
$3.84 Suggested MSRP
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Pocket-Sized Cutter with Snap-Off Blades

A Snap-Off Carton Cutter with segmented blades for productivity. Easy-to-use box cutter with the upgraded feature of segmented snap-off blades. The Snap-Off Carton Cutter is for both right- and left-handed use.

Economical, pocket-sized snap-off carton cutter for paper, films, acetates, cardboard and more. Comes with CTB Blade. (CTN-1, #9985)

Also available in 40-unit counter display (CTN-1/40W, #9880)