Rolled Materials Cutter (45-C) | OLFA - Professional OLFA – Professional


  • Solid base prevents damage to surface under materials being cut
  • Large, ergonomic handhold for a comfortable and sturdy grip
  • Preloaded with super sharp, long-life carbide 45mm rotary blade
  • 12 cutting positions per blade for less blade changes and increase efficiency
  • No tool blade change


$30.45 Suggested MSRP
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Makes Rolled Cutting Safe and Efficient

The Rolled Materials Cutter is a hand-held cutter that safely cuts many types of materials from a roll while protecting the surface beneath. The cutter comes preloaded with an ultra- sharp, long-life 45mm carbide rotary blade. The fixed blade has 12-cutting positions for less blade changes and increased efficiency. The large, ergonomic handle has a comfortable and sturdy grip.

Perfect for safe cutting of all forms of rolled materials: paper, linoleum, carpet, temporary floor covering, landscape fabric, and more.  (45-C, #1069991)