9mm Precision Comfort-Grip Knife (NA-1) | OLFA - Professional OLFA – Professional


  • Cushioned, anti-slip rubber handle
  • Comfortable, ergonomic grip
  • Auto-lock blade actuator
  • Acetone resistant
  • Stainless steel blade channel
  • No tool blade change
  • Convenient lanyard hole
  • Preloaded with a 9mm ABB precision ultra-sharp black snap-off blade


$7.98 Suggested MSRP
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Premium Comfort and Maximum Performance

The Comfort-Grip Series features an anti-slip, rubber grip handle to provide all day comfort, extra stability, and user control. The 9mm Precision Comfort-Grip Knife features an acetone resistant, elastomer handle and a poly-acetate, auto-lock slider to make this knife fully acetone resistant.

This versatile cutter also has a heavy-gauge stainless steel blade channel to firmly secure the blade in place. The auto-lock allows for fast blade activation between multiple cutting depths. Tactile and audible clicks at each stop securely locks blade in place during pushing and pulling movements.

Preloaded with a 9mm ABB Precision Ultra-Sharp Black Snap-Off Blade for detailed cutting of vinyl, window film, wallpaper and more. Also great for cutting packaging, shrink wrap, caulking, foam board, and other materials. Works with AB, ABB, and ABS 9mm blades. (NA-1, #5022)

1 OLFA 9mm AB Silver Snap-Off Blade, providing sharper initial cutting performance
2 Stainless Steel Blade Channel
3 No Tool Blade Change, easier and quicker blade change
4 Auto Lock Mechanism
5 Comfort-Grip Anti-Slip Rubber Grip and Acetone-Resistant Handle Materials